City of Warrenville Regulations

Each year questions arise about rules governing such things as dog leash laws, noise regulations and fireworks. Although ROIA has no rules on these issues, the City does. Here is a brief summary of these regulations.

Dog Leash Rules (City Code 4-4-8)

The City ordinace requires that dogs must be on a leash. We encourage homeowners to follow this rule. Not only is it the law, it is also a safety precaution. It keeps dogs away from the heavy traffic on nearby Rt. 59. It also helps to protect them from coyotes.

Noise Ordinances For Outdoor Work (City Code 8-10-1)

Construction Hours:

7 AM to 7 PM Monday through Friday

8 AM to 6 PM Saturday, Sunday, Federal Holidays

Landscaping Hours (including lawn mowing):

7 AM to 9 PM Monday through Friday

8 AM to 8 PM Saturday, Sunday, Federal Holidays

Fireworks (City Code 4-6)

It is against the law to set off any fireworks in Warrenville. The only exclusion is for Class C Fireworks, defined as "Snake or glowworm pellets, smoke devices, trick noisemakers known as "party poppers", "booby traps", "snappers", "trick matches", "cigarette loads", "auto burglar alarms", sparklers, toy pistols, toy canes, toy guns, or other devices in which paper or plastic caps containing twenty five one-hundredths (0.25) grain or less of explosive compound are used". The City will be enforcing this ban, which includes a minimum fine of $250 and a maximum fine of $750. More information on the City's fireworks policy can be found here.

All of these Warrenville City Codes can be accessed at Warrenville, Illinois City Codes