Common Area Drainage Issues

There is a problem with the storm sewers that run under the Common Area in River Oaks. Sinkholes have developed along the main sewer line in the area and the drains have subsided below the level of the grass surface. In the past year there have been several instances when the storm sewer drain has become blocked and the whole area filled with water until the blockage could be removed.

The City of Warrenville has told the homeowners that River Oaks is responsible for the maintenance of the storm sewers in the area. ROIA maintains that is the responsibility of the City for this maintenance because these storm sewer lines handle storm water from areas outside of River Oaks. William Price, a homeowner and lawyer, has written a letter outlining the arguments of ROIA. The City attorney has responded to the first letter, still maintaining that it is the homeowners' responsibility for this maintenance. He has recently sent a response the the City response.

If the City does not accept responsibilty for the storm sewers, homeowners would be encouraged to join us in an appearance at a City Council meeting to argue our case in person. We will let you know if and when a City Council meeting appearance will be arranged.

A detailed summary of this issue can be found here.

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