Block Party Report

From Linda Saxton, Entertainment Committee: I would like to thank Phil Brackmann, Chris Chrisman, Lois Hitchcock for making chili, the Simaks for lending us the soccer net, Nicole Melquist for setting up the Warrenville Fire Truck and Ambulance visit, and the good tunes. Thank you to Maya Kalombo for her face painting. Thank you to Melissa Beeman’s son and his friend for passing out the flyers. Thank you to Tim Turner and Michael Hitchcock for hauling all that stuff up the hill to the Party site. Mostly thank you to my husband, who knows when I volunteer so does he and he always comes to my rescue! Thanks to everyone who came on a hot sultry night.

Thanks to Lois Hitchcock for the pictures!

Board of Directors Meeting

7 PM on Thursday, November 7, 2017

at the home of Erik Poulsen

2S531 River Oaks Drive

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Third Quarter Dues due on September 1

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