The River Oaks Improvement Association, or ROIA, is the homeowners association of River Oaks. Its primary function is to maintain the Common Areas in the subdivision. These consist of approximately four acres of open grassy areas that double as storm water detention areas for heavy rain run-offs.

ROIA Annual Assessment

$180 for Fiscal Year 2018/19, payable in quarterly installments of $45 each, due on March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1. Send payments to: River Oaks Improvement Association, P.O. Box 144, Warrenville, IL 60555.

Board of Directors Meetings:

The Board of Directors meets every other month. The time and location of the meetings are posted on the News page of this website. Homeowners are welcome to attend any of these meetings.

Annual Meetings:

Each year the Annual Meeting of the ROIA homeowners association is held at the beginning of March. At this meeting, directors are elected for two-year terms. All homeowners are encouraged to attend this meeting. Voting is open to all homeowners who are current with their dues.

Minutes of ROIA Annual Meeting
February 20, 2018
(Provisional, awaiting approval)


Board Members Present:  Susan Price, Jim Berg, Linda Saxton, Becky Christiansen, Erik Poulsen, Rick Deist,
Absent: Sandi Gorski

Homeowners Present: Richard Nagode, Maggie Nagode, Lois Hitchcock, Jeanne Kreymer, Arthur Kreymer, Regina Poulsen, Rob Tyler, Susan Tyler

Susan Price called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM

Secretary’s Report:   Minutes of the previous Board meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: As of 2/20/2018 the total assets of ROIA are $ 21,666.29. Two lots still owe for the second quarter (Q2) of this current fiscal year, three lots for owe for Q3, and five lots owe for Q4. As of 2/20/2018 this fiscal year’s budgeted versus actual expenses report is as follows. The actual income amount includes all income received by 2/20/2018. This includes several payments from homeowners for assessments due for the next fiscal year.











Late Fees




Total Income













Annual Meeting




















Landscaping and Groundskeeping





Newsletter & Website





Office Supplies





Postage and Delivery





PO Box










Professional Fees





Annual Compilation





Property Maintenance





Drainage Remediation





Common Area Upkeep





State Corporate Fees




Total Expense








Net Income





The Treasurer’s Report was approved.

Annual Meeting Business:

Election: Rick Deist, Rob Tyler and Becky Christiansen were elected to the Board of Directors. Each term is for two years.

Discussion and Approval of 2017/18 Budget – The Budget sent to every homeowner in January was approved. It was noted that line items in the budget would be approved individually by the Board before money is spent.

Easement Sidewalk Discussion –  Jim Berg summarized the complaints that have been presented to the Board over the past year relating to the use of the River Oaks south easement sidewalk by residents of the apartments on Country Ridge. These issues include dog walkers not cleaning up after their dogs, vandalism of River Oaks fences that border the apartments, including burning of gang symbols into the fences, and the habitual use of on-street overnight parking in River Oaks by apartment residents. The parking situation has become a continual annoyance to several homeowners who consider it an inconvenience to their own guests and families as it affects the limited street parking near their own houses. When one of these habitually parked apartment cars had a flat tire overnight, the owner of the car confronted the homeowner of the house where he was parked. A fight almost ensued before another River Oaks resident stepped in to stop it, so tensions can run high on this issue.

After these complaints were received the Board began investigating various options that might alleviate these problems and contacted the City of Warrenville for City rules and restrictions. The City explained that the streets in River Oaks are public streets, so anyone may park here. The only restrictions that are available for parking in River Oaks would be a complete ban on overnight parking between 3 AM and 6 AM daily, which would apply to River Oaks residents also. The Board received requests from six homeowners to install a barrier gate of some kind at the southern end of the sidewalk to block walking access. This path is officially a City of Warrenville right of way designed to allow emergency access into the subdivision by fire and police if the main subdivision entrance on Route 59 were to be blocked. Any barrier would have to include a means for City emergency personnel to open it up via a Knox box. Also, since this sidewalk is the only safe walking and biking path to get to the shopping areas and bike paths, this gate would probably also need a smaller gate within it that residents themselves would have access to via access codes or keys. In 2014 such a barrier was discussed and investigated by the City Development department, and it was decided at the time that the City would be against building such a barrier gate. The City’s decision was based on the Police Department’s recommendation that this would impede immediate police response to emergencies.

The homeowners present brought up several issues:

  • Because of the 2014 ruling against a barrier gate, pursuing permission to build such a gate seems unlikely to succeed.
  • A barrier gate would have to be well-monitored so that homeowners who opened their smaller access gate would not leave it open or would not give access codes or duplicate keys to others. It would also have to well-maintained to function correctly.
  • Since there seem to be considerable unused parking spaces in the apartment parking lot, specifically along the fence border with River Oaks, the parking situation might be better addressed by working with the City and the apartment owners to allow access to these spaces for residents
  • A barrier gate would not solve any gang problem
  • Young people can climb over fences, so a barrier gate would not be a sufficient barrier.
  • When a barbed wire fence was erected between River Oaks and Emerald Green by Emerald Green, the City ruled that such barrier obstructions were illegal, and the barbed wire was removed.
  • The Board should investigate installing lighting and security cameras along the path that could monitor the area.
  • More feedback is needed from homeowners as to what should be done, perhaps via a survey sent to homeowners.

A motion was made to install a security gate subject to City approval. The motion was seconded. Two votes were cast in favor, four votes opposed. The motion was defeated.


  • There is one year left on the current contract with the landscaping service that maintains the Common Areas.
  • Compliments were given about the nice planting in the subdivision entryway, with a thank you to Ruth Brackmann for her efforts in this area.
  • The sinkholes in the main Common Area are on the agenda for the new year. The Board will work with the City regarding jurisdiction on drains and leakage from those drains.

New Business:

Unleashed Dogs -  There is at least one River Oaks dog that is being allowed to roam without leash on its own. Homeowners will be sent info on the City ordinances that forbid this practice. The individual homeowner will be emailed about this problem.

Apartment Dumpster Problem - When the apartment dumpsters are emptied, some of the garbage blows into River Oaks yards. The Board will contact the City to see what can be done.

Lower Common Area – The Lower Common Area along the river is in poor shape. This is the area whose entrance is between Lots 39 and 40. A suggestion was made to consider using River Oaks funds to work on this area.

Next Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday April 26th at Rick Deist’s house, 29W571 Ridge Dr.

Meeting adjourned at 8:22 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
Becky Christiansen, Secretary



Minutes, Newsletters, Homeowners Directory and other ROIA documents are available HERE for registered homeowners only.
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